Whether it is your plan to remodel a retail space, building a new home, or finally building your own commercial property from the bottom up, nothing is better than that “final day” of construction. Kat’s Cleaning Service has some tips on post-construction cleaning that you don’t want to miss.

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The work crews have finished their jobs, cleared out, and now you’re excited to unlock the doors and get down to business. A good survey of the area tells you, however, that you’re going to have to wait a little longer. The dust has settled and the place is a royal mess.

Do you have a detailed plan for getting past all of the scuff marks, drywall mud droplets, and the endless amount of dust? Here’s a better question. Are you going to tackle this daunting task alone or hire a cleaning company like Kat’s Cleaning Service for post-construction cleaning

Before making your decision, step back and think about the size and scope of the cleanup. Make no mistake, it’s a giant job, the details of which could actually slow down your move-in or grand opening date.

Kat’s Cleaning is happy to offer this Ten-Point Checklist for post-construction cleaning. Many building contractors do a good job of cleaning a worksite after they have completed the work, but even then it rarely includes dusting deep scrubbing, or polishing. As you survey the amount of cleaning that needs to be done, let this checklist guide you through the job. 

Where to start with post-construction cleaning?

To begin, make sure you have the necessary supplies on hand. Here is a simple listing of the basic cleaning supplies and other equipment necessary for cleaning a space after major construction.

  • Plenty of trash bags (and then get plenty more)
  • Shop vacuum
  • Brooms (push broom and brooms with bristles)
  • Dust masks
  • Dustpans
  • Hoses
  • Mop buckets and wringers
  • Upholstery tools
  • Mop heads
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scrub pads
  • Scrub brushes
  • Eye protection
  • Ladder bumpers
  • Cleaning bins (industrial)
  • Step ladders
  • For washing windows: (buckets, strip washer, rubber blades, squeegee, steel wool, rubber blades, razor blades scrapers, extension poles)
  • Putty knives
  • Extension ladders
  • Safety Signs
  • Hard hats
  • Utility duty cart
  • Carpet cleaning supplies (strippers, floor finish, detergents, pre-sprays, spot protection, deodorizers, and rinses).
  • Other necessary chemicals (all-purpose cleaning solution, spray bottles, stainless steel, metal, wood, window, and stone cleaner)

1) Dealing with all of the contractor leftovers

What a mess. It looks impossible, doesn’t it? The first step is a serious session of trash patrol. There is lumber, drywall, and garbage everywhere. Take a walk around and notice both the interior and exterior areas. Keep your eyes open for plastic tarps, tape, drop cloths, and construction supplies like nails, screws, staples, bolts, etc. The crews aren’t trying to make your life difficult by making a huge mess, but still, be prepared to pick up a lot of trash and debris during this first step of post-construction cleaning.

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2) Hard floors – making them presentable again with post-construction cleaning

Inspect the floors. You’re going to be appalled, but don’t worry. It can be cleaned. All construction work is messy and the flooring seems to always take the brunt of the mess. Check them for any damage, then start mopping, waxing, polishing, and buffing. If you should run across any wood damage, get back with the contractor and ask for it to be repaired. 

3) Rescuing your carpets from traffic, dirt, and grime

Carpet fibers will trap all of the fine wooden splinters and all of the dust. That’s not to mention the smell. You will need to use an industrial shop vacuum to get the grounded dirt and other objects out. After a good vacuum, shampooing will be in order. Steam cleaning might even be necessary. Be sure and allow for all the treated carpets to thoroughly dry before they are reopened to any foot traffic.

4) Walls and baseboards

The walls and baseboards are going to get hit and scratched during construction. There’s no way to avoid it. Crews use heavy tools and equipment that can cause minor dents, dings, and bruises. Check for this kind of unavoidable damage. It will need to be patched and repainted. Once you have addressed these concerns, clean the walls completely and give the baseboards a cleaning with a dishwasher detergent and water mixture. Use a Magic Eraser pencil for wooden surface scars.

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5) Windows and mirrors

Neither you or your customers want to look at dirty windows. Dingy windows and mirrors look awful and it’s terrible for business. To restore window glass and mirror shine, use a heavy-duty glass cleaning product. Begin at the top and work down, and then be ready to rinse. You will probably have to repeat this process several times. For a great finish, let your last step be with dry cloth and polish.

6) Lighting – getting the shine back

You will start to wonder how the powdery dust got on everything. The lights and bulbs will be filthy. The dust film will actually reduce efficiency and produce an unpleasant smell. Be sure to turn off the electricity before cleaning light bulbs with a dry, soft cloth.

7) Cabinets, drawers, and closets

It’s so easy to overlook closets and drawers because they are closed most of the time. But you better believe the construction mess is in there too. And whatever you have stored is going to be dirty now, as well. Inspect all of your closets, cabinets, and drawers – and use a flashlight. Be prepared to clean the floors, walls and synthetic materials.

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8) HVAC and interior systems

The HVAC system in your home is designed to pick up dust and dirt that is airborne. Construction activity certainly has caused a lot of that, and your HVAC is working overtime to keep up. Change the filters now. If your ductwork needs cleaned, hire it done professionally, as it is a big job. By hiring it done, you will get the entire HVAC tuned up and all registers and vents will be free of any impediments.

9) Sidewalks and driveways 

What’s the old saying about “first impressions?” Your driveway, sidewalks, and entries are your guest’s first impression – whether it be your friends and family or customers and business associates. Make certain that your sidewalks are swept and you have gotten rid of any leftover building materials. Power wash the driveway and all exterior walkways. Dirt, sand, and gravel have accumulated throughout the project, and removing it will make a big difference. 

10) Details and the final post-construction cleaning touches

You’re getting close now. It’s finally time to put the final touches on this cleanup project. Polish the doorknobs, dust the window frames, outlets and switches, and vacuum all debris from sliding door tracks. Have a variety of sponges handy for this final stage. Let the fine-tuning begin.

Bonus Tip

Now that your property is fine-tuned, you’ll want to be sure to prevent outside forces from wreaking havoc. Consider monthly deep cleanings on the inside and preventative external measures such as insect repellant pest control. This was inspired by our friend’s pest control company in Boise, ID.

Post-construction cleaning: Kat’s Cleaning style

We certainly hope this post-construction cleaning overview has been helpful. If the amount of work and effort seems a bit too much for you, let the professionals handle the job. Kat’s Cleaning is ready to take on the job and give you your property back looking just like new.

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No matter the size of your project, the final step is the most difficult – the final cleanup. Kat’s Cleaning offers a complete post-construction cleaning service throughout Kansas City and the surrounding suburban areas. If you need help with the fine detailing of post-construction cleaning, call the experts – Kat’s Cleaning Service.