Residential Cleaning Services

Do you spend a lot of time cleaning your home? It would be great if you could just come home after work and relax, right? That’s the benefit of having Kat Cleaning in your corner.  We provide residential cleaning services so you can relax and enjoy your home.

At Kat Cleaning, we understand how much you value your time. Making memories is important, but so is keeping your house clean. It’s a priority and we understand. That’s why Kat and the entire Kat Cleaning team offers such quality service at a great price.  

Kat’s team of experienced cleaners work hard and clean thoroughly, from dusting your lamps to scrubbing your bathtub. Kats Clean provides homeowners with a wide variety of residential cleaning services.

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What to Expect from Kats Residential Cleaning Service

When Kats Clean takes care of your residential cleaning services, you’ll return to a sparkling home that looks and smells amazing! We take care of everything, and it’s all done to your satisfaction. Life is busy and you deserve to spend your time doing what you enjoy. Whether at work or on vacation, you can relax knowing that you won’t have to stress over coming home to a dirty home.

Your home is unique, so allow Kats Clean to give you an estimate. Tell us what type of cleaning you need, the frequency of cleaning that you desire, and any other special instructions. Kats Clean, Residential cleaning services, will give you outstanding service and reasonable pricing.

Let Kats Clean do it all for you and enjoy the peace of mind of a freshly cleaned home.

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You’ll Have Peace of Mind having Your Home Cleaned by The Professionals

No matter what type of cleaning services you need for your home, Kats Clean has you covered.  Our experienced and professional staff are here to take away the stress of your house cleaning chores.  Whether you need a move in/move out cleaning, new construction cleaning, or regular maintenance cleaning, our team is here to help!

Residential Move In or Move Out Cleaning Services

Moving can be a hassle – packing, lugging, setting up a new home, and a million other things. Don’t let cleaning add to the stress of the move. Whether you’re moving in or moving out, Kats Clean takes care of the challenges of cleaning for you.

There could be months of dirt and grime behind the refrigerator. The oven may be filthy. The garage might need a sweeping. Dirt accumulates quickly, and Kats Clean Service wants to help. You can concentrate on getting settled while Kat and her team handle the cleaning. That’s our Move In and Move Out Service.  Check it off your list. Kats Clean handles it for you.

New Construction Home Cleaning Services

If you have a newly constructed home, you may be thinking it’s completely clean and ready for moving in. Not true, not even close.  You notice it the moment you walk in. Sheetrock dust, dirty floors, dusty counters, and more. You don’t have time to deep clean your new home before the move with packing and sorting through your belongings to decide what to bring with you and what to donate. Call Kats Clean before moving into a new home, we’ll be on the job and leave everything sparkling and ready for you.

That Clean Home Feeling, It’s magical!

Kat wants you to enjoy your home and get the most out of life. We want you to walk through the door after work to find the trash was taken out, the furniture dusted, floors vacuumed and the bathrooms scrubbed clean. Just come in, sit down and relax. No need to stress over dusty ceiling fans or dishes piled in the kitchen sink. It has already been done.

Don’t slave over cleaning your house. Make memories instead. That’s why Kat Cleaning is here. Remember, giving yourself Kats Clean Service is a great gift. Giving home cleaning services from Kats to someone else is also a thoughtful gift. 

Life is short and Kats Clean Service wants you to cherish every moment of it!

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Schedule an onsite visit with us. We’ll tour your residence to understand what’s most important to you, then deliver a quote that beats the competitor every time for your residential cleaning needs!

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